Hall of Gods is one slot game that has been generating a lot of buzz in recent years. This progressive jackpot can make it worth playing even if you’re not seeking any other prizes, as players have seen $6 million awarded to them from Sweden and yet still remain popular among NetEnt enthusiasts due to its exceptional gameplay prospects combined with big potential payouts like never before seen on this platform!

Jackpots are the name of game at this slot venue! The progressive jackpot is one you don’t want to miss out on, as it will give your dreams (and bankroll) an instant boost. But even if we’re not lucky enough for our own skyrocket successes, there still remain in-game prizes that can mount up into serious money; just waiting around every turn with what could be considered “free” features – so why not take advantage?

Feature Symbols

You’ll find 20 pay lines across the board – matching symbols on any of these lines will win you money. The different types of wins include lower-valued combinations like rings and hammers, as well as higher-value gods such as Idun (the goddess), Thor & Loki who are all present in one symbol slot each with their own special power!

Jackpots in the millions. 500x your stake per spin, up to £50+extra for progressive jackpots! The excitement ramps up as you play and win more – bet sizes range from just 20p takes right down through 50-dollar bets (or even higher). The base game offers 4000X odds of winning something spectacularly valuable; but if these aren’t enough there are always their specialty games which offer even greater opportunities: Prog Jackpotlnking stands supreme here with its whopping $100k+.

The return to player percentage, or RTP for short is an important measure of how well the games are run. The higher this number goes up the better! Not only does it tell you what your chances might be at winning something but also takes into account any smaller prizes that may come along with big ones so there’s no need to worry about taking them all home in one go if things get too hectic on top – just keep playing until victory awaits With progressive slots being less common than fixed-odds ones (and having different amounts), we’ve put together some information comparing both types while giving readers insight into why they might choose one type over another based on their own preferences.

Feature Symbols

Wild symbols are scattered throughout the game of Hall Of Gods. The wild card can substitute for any missing cards to complete or extend possible pay lines, but if you want more chances at winning then land on reels 2-4 where all eligible prizes will expand into a full reel worth of free games!

The game offers two bonus symbols-the two ravens, which is its scatter symbol and triggers bonuses on each spin in itself; as well as a hammer/shield combo that provides an extra reward if three or more are landed together during any turns.

Bonuses & Jackpots

The bonus game in this slot is a shield-smashing challenge that can give you cash or jackpots. You have the chance for an instant reward, but if it takes more time before revealing what’s underneath your hammer then there will be bigger prizes up ahead! Land three Shield Bonuses and welcome to Club Hammer and Shield where membership includes access to all kinds of fun surprises.

The ravens are the favourites of any game, and this one isn’t an exception. The bonus features 10-20 free spins depending on how many symbols you use to trigger it – a 3x multiplier for anything won during those periods as well! If that’s not enough there is also continuous retriggering so your chances of smelling victory just got higher than ever before.

Play Hall of Gods Slot Now at PartyCasino

The Hall of Gods has everything you love about slots, with an epic feel and rewarding every time they land. With progressive jackpots plus the high RTP, it’s no surprise this modern classic is attracting slot fans everywhere!

What’s the best way to get a leg up in life? You could try taking Hall of Gods for an exciting spin today. After all, it doesn’t hurt and who knows what might happen!