Saving Energy in the Bathroom

showerSome simple changing of habits can help you save energy and money in your household. For example, you’re a person who always washes your face before you brush your teeth. Since your bathroom is on the second floor of your house, it takes a while before the hot water reaches your faucet. To save a bit of energy and water, try brushing your teeth first before you wash your face. You use cold water anyway to brush your teeth, so why not use that first portion of cold water at the hot water tap to do the job?

And because you’ve already opened the hot water tap, the hot water started up the pipe, your wait for the hot water will be shorter, and you’ll waste less water while waiting. This may seem not much and too simple to amount to much but when you multiply it by 365 days a year you’ll save quite a bit of hot water. Continue Reading →

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Green Building

solar3Sustainable buildings represent a change in how we think about its design, construct and operate buildings. They cost less to heat, cool and light. That means lower operating costs for the owner. The buildings have shown improved comfort and performance for the occupants which translates into higher sales prices and rents for the builder and developer.

They produce less pollution because they use less energy. They make wisely use natural resources in their construction by lowering the consumption of building materials. Most importantly, they are healthier spaces to live and work.

There are several builders who are reluctant to construct “green” because they believe that the market is not interested. They fear that the public looks at sustainable buildings as “something strange.” Change is always uncomfortable; but those who were willing to take the risk have found a market who is very responsive. Continue Reading →

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Spear fishermen come together to save Tuna?

spearfishingIf you have not been watching the news lately Blue Fin Tuna are taking turn for the worst. These big majestic animals are being overfished and many fear the day China gets a taste for them. The problem is that many consumers are not aware of what they should not eat or catch for that matter.   All of us have seen those great big beautiful beasts being solid in the markets of Japan for top dollar.  Many selling for more than $10,000 each.

However we are happy to report that many fishermen do care and some out there are trying to make a difference. After all, you don’t have to become a veggie eater to save the fish, you can simply select to eat the ones that are in abundance.

One the groups out there are Spear fishermen. After talking on the phone with Scott, the owner of Just Spearfishing we got a real sense they his community of fishermen are out there for the greater good and are not simply sucking up big game fish left and right.  If you think about it, if you buy frozen tilapia from the food store, which are caught by commercial fishermen you are damaging the environment more than these guys.   Sites like there are spreading the word about how to safely fish Blue Fin Tuna and help prevent them from being overfished.  They really take the time to educate their readers.

When you see fishermen on the internet catching big game, more than likely they are the well informed ones who really know what they are doing and care to protect the local animals. It is very unlikely a few drunk buddies with their friends even have the skills to catch those types of fish with Spearfishing equipement. Although their website carries Spearguns for sale, they do a great job of setting up each person with the right gun.   For instance, due to the expense, not every person is going to run out and buy a Tuna gun. More than likely they will stick to the smaller spearguns for their local area.

As a side note Spearfishing does seem like a great way to enjoy the ocean without destroying it.  Most of these men and women practice freediving to catch the fish, just man diving deep on a single breath. No big expensive and dirty boats. They are just a few friends with top quality spearfishing fins that are trying to have a good time.

What we really like about Scott and his Spearfishing site is that he takes the extra effort to really tell his community to go about safely fishing for the environment. Not to just blindly use Spearguns to take out whatever fish you see.   We truly need more people like this in this community, to help spread the word about how properly take care of our oceans.

In the near future his organization plans to come together and host spearfishing competitions that will help bring awareness to his fellow Spearo’s about how to safely fish the oceans.  We look forward to hearing about what his little company has to offer the world and wish him the best.

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3 Tips to a Better Day

Loving couple having fun on the beachSometimes the happiest moments that make are day are the simplest things that we take for granted. Some examples of this are compliments from strangers, beautiful days, and just when things go your way. Although we can’t just flip a switch to make these things occur in our ife, we can change ourselves to be more positive people, appreciate more, and discover these occurrences more frequently. Today’s post is about three life hacks that you can do today to increase your happiness in your daily life.

1. Buy a Good Pair of Walking Shoes

This can be said enough. I developed high arches in my teenage years and I always struggled with my feet aching after long days of standing or walking around at the mall for example. I decided I need to get some new shoes so I searched what makes good walking shoes the best walking shoes. Funnily enough, I found a site that helps people choose the best walking shoes for them. After I figured out I had feet with high arches, I found out they had a whole section just for me. Their guide for the best shoes for high arches helped me find the best walking shoes for me. After I started to wear these everyday, I can see a huge difference. My feet feel so much better and don’t cause me unnecessary pain. This results in a better mood throughout the day. This is a simple life hack that everybody needs to try for themselves.

2. Do Your Hair Everyday

Aren’t great hair days the best?! But aren’t bad hair days the worst? I hate bad hair days more than anything and I noticed they were actually affecting my mood, a lot. I decided this would be the next obstacle I tackled. I would wake up early every day and do my hair exactly the way I wanted to. It made me feel better about going out in public and I would receive more compliments, too, which make me very happy. With more confidence, I feel like going out more, talking to more people, and meeting new ones as well. Your confidence in your appearance makes a huge difference to how your day turns out. Don’t let your hair decided how your day will be, but only yourself. You have the power to make your day great, you just gotta do it!

3. Drink Water

This is something that I know not everyone does enough. Water is so important to our health, yet we don’t drink enough of it. Humans should be drinking at least 6 cups of water a day or around 1 liter. You can carry a water bottle with you and refill it as necessary. Drinking water will not only make you healthier, but you will feel in your energy levels and mood as well. I never thought water could have so much of an effect on my life, but trying it out really gave me more energy and put me in a better mood.

If you’re struggling with keeping a positive attitude about life, try implementing these 3 tips in your daily routine. It can only be better!

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Forklifts Save Energy in the Plant

forkliftDo you know how much energy an energy efficient forklift can save? Do you know how much energy savings that translates to if your manufacturing plant has at least ten of these energy efficient forklifts? These energy efficient forklifts from Forklift Base feature brand new technology that allows these forklifts to run on half the electricity than normal forklifts. The reason they are able to do this is thanks to recent advancements in electric motor technology. They use half the electricity than normal forklifts not only because of their motor, but also after inserting stop technology similar to the Toyota Prius, which powers down when coming to a stop light. These forklifts do something similar whenever they stop moving.

This has led to manufacturing plants completely replacing their entire forklift fleet with these energy saving forklift, because the cost savings pay for themselves just after two years of use, which is excellent. This has also put a lot of used forklifts up for sale that can be purchased at half the price. For manufacturing plants that only need one to five forklifts, used forklifts are a much better option since they won’t recoup their invest into energy efficient forklifts (which have ot be bought brand new) for five years instead of two. This has led to millions of dollars of cost savings and millions of kilowatts saved each year from companies around the world switching to these energy efficient lifts.

Another option manufacturing plants are implementing instead of buying forklifts new and used is renting them. You can get a forklift rental for a fraction of the cost of a used forklift, which is perfect for plants that only need them for a limited time. An example of such a plant is a business that is very seasonal who only has large volumes of product they have to move during a few months out of the year. Even though there are energy efficient forklifts available, it is definitely better to rent forklifts for these ties of businesses, because it will be far too expensive to buy a brand new forklift especially when only using it for a few months.

Forklifts are great tool for large manufacturing plants who need to move a lot of product around every day. Since they are used everyday, they use a lot of power, which means even a little decrease in power required can make a huge difference at the end of the year. So if you own a manufacturing plant or distribution center that requires multiple forklifts, consider investing in energy efficient forklifts. You can also subsidize the cost by selling your existing forklifts to other, smaller plants who may only need a few. The return on investment could mean tens of thousands of dollars in just a few years.

After five years, as the investment and technology advancements in batteries and electric motors, there may be a new forklift that can save even more energy in the future, which makes now the perfect time to upgrade so you can upgrade again in five years.

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Investing in Manlift Technology

manliftYou might have thought about investing in a manlift, buy you are looking for more information on what to buy and where to get it. The good new is there are several affordable options on the market. Investing in a manlift can save time for your self and your crew, so it can be quite a good investment over time. This article will go over some of the best tips on what to look for when you are ready to buy a manlift.

There are several things to look for in your manlift, but the most popular options are the following:

1. Hydraulics: This is absolutely crucial to getting a manlift. It’s one of the entire reasons you would want a manlift. The hydraulics are what lifts up the platform allowing people to get to high places such as windows or power poles.

2.Quality: It’s like my dad used to always say, “you get what you pay for” this is absolutely true when it comes to purchasing manlifts. You can go the cheap route, but almost always you are going to regret this decision. Spend a little more money up front and you are going to be very happy in the long run.

3. Financing: This isn’t something that really has to do with the actual machine, but it is a huge factor when looking for a good company. Sometimes you are a small company and might not have the cash to put down for a manlift. This is why many companies have started offering competitive financing campaigns that allow you to get your manlift and get the job done, and then pay on a simple payment plan.

4. Warranty: This is absolutely critical when you are purchasing your manlift and it somewhat has to do with the quality aspect. A warranty is going to make sure if your manlift breaks down or needs a new part that you are covered, and you won’t have to put in extra money for the repairs or replacement. Make sure you find a company that offers a really good warranty. Most companies end up using their manlifts for many years, which is why it’s important to get the warranty because you will save a lot of money over the long run. This is just smart business practice.

The above qualities are the most important thing to look for when you decide your business is ready for a manlift. We have frequently mentions that you need to find a good company to work with. This is really important because the right company is dedicated to their clients and a manlift is quite a big purchase item. If you are looking for a good company that sells manlifts online, be sure to check out They have lots of good options and are happy to make sure you get the right equipment for you company.

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Different Types of Drivers From Other Countries

drivers around the worldDriving and Nationality
A driver’s “style” may vary, dependent on a number of factors including the personality, experience, and skill level of the driver. These may be the metrics by which insurers determine the potential accident risk of an individual, but this data says little about overall driving behavior. While driver age or occupational demographics may provide a rough estimate of how likely a given driver may cause an accident, it is inaccurate to assume that this information extends to overall driving behavior or style.

Driving styles and nationality
One aspect of driving behavior that often is ignored is the nationality of the driver. The cultural norms of the driver’s society, local traffic laws, and typical roads driven in a given locale all play a significant role in shaping a driver’s habits and their ability to mitigate risks on the road. Aside from a pure measure of experience on the road, the environment in which the individual drives plays a critical role the disposition of a given compact car driver.

Local laws and regulations
Right-of-way laws, as one example, play a huge role in driver awareness and behavior. In Canada, pedestrians typically have the priority unless otherwise posted while in France, vehicles are granted right-of-way by default. This results in a very different level of driver awareness. A glance at the statistics reveals this disparity: Canadian pedestrians were involved in 13.3% of vehicular accidents annually, while their Parisian counterparts were involved in 28% of accidents. This may have further effects on non-automobile awareness; motorcylists and moped-riders represent only 1.1% of French traffic, yet account for 18% of the fatalities resultant from vehicular collisions. These are stark differences in a comparison of two developed countries with overall similar traffic policies – given countries of different levels of development and traffic laws, the differences become much more complex are colored by other factors.

Enforcement standards
No matter the similarities of the traffic laws, enforcement varies from region to region. In areas where automated surveillance and active patrolling is utilized, compliance with traffic laws is clearly a priority, and a deterrence for noncompliance exists. In other countries, this may not be the case; China, which possesses only 2% of total vehicles in the world, accounts for 15% of fatal traffic accidents globally. This is largely attributed unavailable or lax enforcement of traffic laws, which, while ostensibly similar to those in every other developed country, are apparently ineffectual. The resources of a region’s government can shape a driver’s general behavior significantly.

Though the “type” of driver cannot be determined by nationality alone, the country of origin of the driver certainly affects the “style” of his or her driving. This can range from a difference in awareness of certain road elements to a disregard for general road rules and regulations. While the nationality of a driver does not determine an individual’s physical ability to handle a vehicle, their driving environment clearly plays a role in their driving style.

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Business for the Good of the Community

cash for carsWhenever a new business wants to open up in our community we have a big turnout at the public committee hearing to have our voices heard on whether or not that business would be a good fit. The other night the town held one of these public meetings for a business that wants to open up down the street from me. The business in question is one of those places that pay cash for cars (click here to see) and they had representation at the meeting to answer any questions the public had for them. The meeting got a little heated but overall I believe the community had a good understanding of what to expect from this business and the feeling was generally that it would be a good addition to the neighborhood.

I admit that bringing a business in to our community is not an easy task. The people that live in my community are very vocal about what they want and especially about what they don’t want. Although the public meeting on this business’ chances to open up shop in our neighborhood got a little heated, it was nothing compared to the last few meetings of the same sort.

One of those meetings was held to hear about a big box store coming to our neighborhood. Let’s just say that big box store never did come in to our neighborhood and they have a lot of money to grease the right palms if they wanted to be in the neighborhood. I guess after the meeting they figured that if we were going to be their future customer base, they didn’t want to come to our neighborhood. That particular meeting got more than heated. It got downright violent and the local police were called in to put an end to the meeting much earlier than it was scheduled for.

I’m not trying to paint my community in a negative light. On the contrary, we are good people who care a great deal about the way our neighborhood is heading and if someone wants to come in and change that direction we won’t stand for it. We make sure our voices are heard loud and clear and so far it has helped us keep the neighborhood just the way we like it. It probably doesn’t hurt that the people on the town board are all business owners themselves and active members in the community so they wouldn’t be there on the board for very long if they went against what the community wanted in one of these situations or any situation for that matter. It’s sort of like mob rule when it comes to our community decisions but it works for us.

We have a small community with a population of less than 20,000 people and we like our neighborhood a certain way. We cherish the lifestyle our community affords us and if being passive in the process of living in a community is the right way to be, then I don’t want anything to do with being right.

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Top Fuel Efficient Family Cars

fuel efficient carsMost families have a “family vehicle” which may be a sedan, people mover or Mini-Van.

Since this vehicle is usually driven the most, a fuel efficient family car makes the most sense. One parent usually ends up driving the family car while taking kids to school, band practice, sporting practice and martial arts lessons. This car is driven on family vacations.

Family vacations can sometimes mean driving very long distances. The goal is to get as much distance per liter as possible. Keeping the car well maintained so it will last a good long time is one way to increase fuel efficiency.

Now that Green Cars have become mainstream there are many great looking and peppy hybrids that are being examined by families in the market for a new car.

Fuel consumption figures are expressed as urban, extra urban and combined, measured according to ECE Regulations.

There will be a sticker on the windscreen of new cars that also shows the carbon emissions.

Below are some of the most fuel efficient family cars on the market, quoting Australian fuel consumption metrics. Be sure to check these out against competitors. On-line opinions are often a good place to seek out consumer reviews.

Also be sure to ask your friends, colleagues and relatives how they have enjoyed owning their family friendly vehicle.

2013 Toyota Avalon – Known for its styling and dependability, the Toyota Avalon is now available with a gas-electric hybrid powertrain. At 6.4 L/100km on the highway and 9.9 L/100km in the city, this car has twice as much comfort per liter. The Avalon stays at the top of the charts.

2013 Volkswagon Jetta – This gas-electric sedan is not only economical, but fun to drive and it looks darn good. Starting at about $26,000, it delivers 6.0 L/100km and makes a great family sedan.

2013 Mazda CX5 – When it comes to hauling around the kids and family dog, the mini-van is king. Mini-Vans are actually getting a little sportier looking and while comfort and storage space increases and this model features on the Rate Your Drive Australia website top SUVs list. The Mazda CX5 tops the list at 6.8L/100 km from a totally gas engine.

2013 Honda Odyssey – The Honda Odyssey is another mini-van that is starting to look a little sporty. The new models have about 10,000 cup holders so you never spill anything. The Odyssey ties with Mazda 5 delivering 6.8L/100km in the city.

2013 Lincoln MKZ – If style is your priority, then check out the Lincoln MKZ. It looks great, it runs quick, has all the amenities, and delivers an observed 6.4L/100km.

When it comes to fuel efficiency, the auto industry has really delivered good looking, well equipped gas savers for any family to enjoy! This trend seems set to continue.

The increase of gas prices over the last few years makes fuel efficiency an attractive consideration when purchasing a car. This is especially true for those who travel long distances for work or other matters.

One can save quite a bit of fuel cost with a more fuel efficient vehicle. With a large family it is not always economical to book a flight, especially if the trip is on short notice.

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Why You Should Trade in Your Old Car for a Greener, Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

green carGenerally speaking, there are many reasons why trading in your old car for a greener, fuel-efficient vehicle is a good option. The most viable reason is that greener and eco friendly cars limit carbon emissions. It also conserves fuel, which is good during times when prices are high. There are several ways in order to get yourself a fuel efficient vehicle. For information on the trading in process, you can make a cash for cars trade at Carflicker.

The Available Options

Electrical and hybrid vehicles are generally more expensive compared to the regular cars. However, these are the types which are greener and fuel efficient. If you are interested in getting one for yourself, a trade in process is the most viable option. Since the prices of these types of cars are relatively higher, it is very important to get the most money out of your old car. To make sure that this happens, choose a company that offers high car valuations before actually making a deal. This is to make sure that you are receiving the best deal out of your old car.

Things to Consider

When trading in for a fuel efficient, greener car, make sure that the listed km/l figure is accurate. There are some car manufacturers who reach a certain number by means of implementing highly controlled tests which do not necessarily reflect to the driving experience which happens in the real world. For instance, you may notice that the sticker says that the car reaches 30 km/l, however, in reality, it will only reach 20 km/l.

In order to find the accurate fuel efficiency of the car you are eyeing at, make sure to search for independent studies which are conducted by several auto organizations and publications. Read reviews about the performance of the car. In this way, you will not only familiarize yourself with the car, but it will also give you a real idea of how it is supposed to survive when in use.

Additional Information

As a green driver yourself, make sure that your old, inefficient car will no longer be used on the road. This can be done by scraping it. Recycling plants and junkyards accept used vehicles for their different glass and metal parts. This option will not leave you empty handed. For this option, make sure to negotiate well with a recycling site near your area.

Indeed, these days, options are available to support the campaign of going green. Trading old cars to greener and fuel efficient ones will help you support that ideology. At the same time, you can also feel the benefits in the long run. Even though the initial prices of these cars are higher compared to the regular ones, you will eventually feel the benefits, particularly in terms of saving money as the time goes by. Going green is also a good way to make sure that the environment is well protected in your own way.

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The Significance of CCTV Cameras and Why We Should Opt for Them

CCTV camerasSafety has become a prime issue of concern these days. The reason is the increased crime rate. This is why people are adopting various means to make their house and workplace more secure. Moreover, we all need to thank the technology as it has now introduced the concept of CCTV cameras. Now most of us will think twice when buying a CCTV camera. However, there are several reasons why one should opt for them especially if you can afford them. Moreover, sometimes you have a sensitive professional position that requires you to have adequate security. Sometimes you worry about a theft or a robbery.

Reasons to buy a CCTV camera

It is definitely the perfect way to monitor the activities of your surroundings. If you feel any specific activity is happening in your vicinity a timely preventive measure can be taken. We need to follow the rule that we should not wait for emergency situations to arise. We need to have a proactive approach to prevent any calamities that can lead to irreparable losses. For example, let us say that you have a CCTV camera installed in your home and you have lots of valuables lying there. The CCTV camera can greatly assist you. Once you are able to identify some suspicious activity you can get in touch with the police and save yourself from a whole lot of trouble. Moreover, if you want to claim the insurance from your insurance company it will become a whole lot easier because you will be having proof to back up your claim and you would be able to act upon the quote that a stitch in time saves nine. Above all you can save yourself from a lot of mental agony that might come your way when you do not follow any precautionary measures.

How to go about the process

I personally believe that before buying a CCTV camera you need to be convinced that you actually need it. Research about the device and its benefits so that you do not make the purchase half heartedly. Moreover, this will give you awareness and make you accept the significance of a cctv camera in your life. Now we have to shed light on another vital aspect and that is from where to purchase the CCTV camera. Now when you are buying your home security system a good option is to make the purchase from a reliable and authentic resource. One of the big names in the market is Vivint. The good news is that you can read the Vivint Reviews online. However, we often forget one vital aspect that installation of the CCTV cameras at the right place is equally important so that you can have a view of all the essential places in your house. When you will follow an organized process then you can at least be stress free that you have done your bit to make your house a lot more secure for yourself and your family.

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Why You Need to Consider Buying Your Windows Online

windowIn our dream home, every detail matters. From the ceilings, to the floors, and even down to the windows. Windows are essential parts of your home. These days, with the impact of marketing, there are different sources where you can purchase windows for your home. For example, you can purchase windows from and enjoy the benefits of purchasing online.

This leads to the question: is purchasing windows online better than buying them from a physical store? This article will highlight several factors which explain why you need to consider buying your windows online.

· Convenience

Purchasing windows online is more convenient than going to a physical store. Chances are, there are also more options when shopping online. This is because you are in contact with suppliers who can specifically request their own supplier to deliver your order. Most likely, you will be provided with a list of images to choose from. Though you may not be able to touch the window and examine it carefully, you are assured that what you order is what you receive. After selecting, the online store will then process the request and deliver as soon as possible.

· Greater Selection

Generally speaking, buying for windows online provides you with greater selection. You are given more choices from a single source. Unlike physical stores wherein some stocks may not be available, shopping online allows you to choose from the listed images available in the site. As a matter of fact, if a certain stock is not available, it can be pre ordered. Therefore, it does not only offer convenience, but it also exposes you to a wide range of options.

· Quality of Purchase

Like physical stores, online stores also offer warranty. Therefore, you do not have to worry about this aspect. The warranty being offered typically depends on the seller; they may open up to one year warranty on their windows. This arrangement on warranty provides the assurance that your purchase is of high quality.

· Direct Access to Manufacturer

Rather than purchasing from a 3rd party seller online, you can also directly purchase from the manufacturer itself. This will allow you to select the best windows for your home. Purchasing from the manufacturer is also good because these manufacturers are somewhat strict when it comes to the technology they implement, and the quality they provide. Therefore, if you notice any small dents or misshaped edges, you can return the windows right away and process a replacement.

· The Commitment of the Manufacturers

Manufacturers uphold diversity of products. Therefore, they provide a wide range of windows for your selection. They also offer, not just windows for new home installation, but also for replacement windows. Manufacturers also make sure that the windows arrive in your home in one piece and free from any dents.

Online stores boast of their windows which are engineered for quality, as well as designed for style. Searching the best windows provider online is not that difficult. Make sure to find the best ones which will fit, not just the theme of your house, but also your requirements.

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