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Use Your Tax Return for a Holiday in Canada

Scholarships in Canada

You can possibly finance a small holiday with your tax refund. You could take your family for a trip to Canada! You will not regret spending money on a small holiday. This is because you will get to experience a whole new surrounding and culture. You will make memories in your trip which will not decay over time.

Why should you visit Canada?

Canada is hugely popular for its natural beauty. In a single country, you will find wild forests, glaciers and even huge mountains. This beautiful country is rich in diversity. It is home to people of different races and religions. Moreover, it is blessed with natural wonders. The country has big cities where you can try the tastiest food. If you are more into adventures then you can try out rock climbing or river rafting. You can even visit this winter wonderland of a country for skiing. Canada has the best ski resorts in the world.

Use Your Tax Return for a Holiday in Canada

Places to visit in Canada

Here is a list of a few places which you should definitely check out while visiting Canada

  • Niagara Falls: Niagara Falls is Canada’s most famous tourist attractive. Every year, a million visitors visit the Niagara Falls to witness the unified and massive water fall of about 57 meters.
  • Old Quebec: Old Quebec declared as a UNESCO world heritage site is home to a bunch of historical buildings. The first parish church and museum of Canada was built in this city. The small buildings and street were built in this city about 400 years ago. You could wander around the magnificent streets and walk into some small café to try out delicious pastries.
  • The Fundy Bay: The Fundy Bay is not just any other regular bay. Obviously it has exquisite little towns and a number of lighthouses; however, this bay is famous for its tides. The powerful tides allow tourists to go for high ride rafting. While visiting this bay, you might even catch a glimpse of white or blue whales!
  • Whistler: If you love snow then this is exactly where you should be headed. Whistler stays covered with a blanket of snow during winter. It is famous for its ski resorts where people can try different types of winter sports.
  • Churchill, Manitoba: During October to November, you must visit Churchill. During these months, you will be able to observe the polar bears migrate from land onto the ice in Hudson Bay. Tourists are given the opportunity to ride is cages buggies to see a polar bear up close. Doesn’t this sound amazing?
  • Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia: The Cabot trail is about 300 kilometers long and home to Cape Breton Island. This is something you would not want to miss at all. By driving around Coast Mountains, you will be able to spot a whale or two in the water. Words are not enough to describe the beauty of this place.

If you are interested in knowing more places to visit in Canada, go to http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/canada/places-of-a-lifetime/